world wide Data Recovery Service

If you experience a data loss emergency – at home or at work – we are here for you

Data can be lost due to many different reasons. We recover data from all storage and media devices

We Can Get Your Data Back From

We have the proprietary tools, techniques and expertise to optimize the recovery process for Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Toshiba, and many others….
WE have fully equipped data recovery lab that help us to do our best to recover your lost information.
We are using Certified Class-100 Clean Room environment for hard drive recovery.

Recoverli Data Recovery Lab can successfully diagnose, repair, and recover your data with maximum efficiency to prevent any further harm to your data.
Recoverli Data Recovery is suitable for home users and small businesses and large businesses who needs data recovery.

Need Our Help?

Here are few steps to recover your data:

  1. Do not attempt to restore the media, it may cause further damage to information and / or media and may cause complete loss of information
  2. Contact us at +972772050000 or +972507400003 or via our chat bot or via WhatsApp.
  3. You can ship your needed recoverable device to: 3 shenkar St. Petach Tikva Israel.
  4. * If you are Israel resident you can ask for free shipment for your device.
  5.  We will do our best to diagnose your problem A.S.A.P as much as we can on the phone, and give you the best price estimates based on the type of media you have and the symptoms exhibited.When you approve our price offer we will do our best to recover your data quickly.